Spike Up

balespikeA bale spike comes in handy in many situations. It’ typically used to move large, 2000 pound hay bales around. With the rainy weather here, some farmers were not able to keep their hay from rottings, so we got our hands on 18 additional hay bales like this. First, we’re mulching the orchard with these. The bales may be used for pyrolysis oil production later. We will use the large bales for site remediation after CEB building this year. The spike itself can also be used for lifting large objects with a chain, or it can be stuck into the ground as an anchor if we are winching heavy logs in future lumber production. It can be a toothpick for Godzilla.

The bale spike is pinned on the main quick attach plate finger. The two stabilizing spikes are quick-attached with small attachments on the secondary quick attach fingers. See the video of fabrication and use:

Open Source Bale Spike from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

Today is Day 1 of CEB 2 fabrication. Metal and parts are here, PowerCube and MicroTrac are in order, and the soil pulverizer is in place. The PowerCube will now run the welder. We have yet to show the PowerCube powering LifeTrac itself – which requires only a minor adjustment on the hydraulic plumbing. Inga is getting ready to come to the States, and we’re still negotiating with Dittmar on the CEB Vault workshop – for which we need to get out our first formal announcement within a week.


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