Ecology and technology. The tractor is borne of plants and rock – transformed to rubber and steel.

It’s munching up the soil – with the tiller. It is site preparation for the first Hexayurt – in minutes as opposed to 2 days with 3 people with heavy hoe by hand. We are on schedule as shown at:

. The crowd funding already paid for materials. Bob is here. The site is prepared. Tomorrow you’ll see pictures of the Hexayurt – temporary shelter for Bob and others as we get going with CEB construction.

The tractor is going through shakedown – hydraulic pressure adjustments, electrical switch upgrade for turning the tractor on, a 1100 pound weight on the back.

We are still looking for at least 2 more people – do you have any suggestions? We aim to be in production of the CEB presses themselves in 6 months – with 4 per week capacity. We won’t need the crowd funding as much then – once we’re producing. In the meantime, donate to accelerate that progress. It’s the critical startup stage.

This crowd funding is like a virtual reality game – except we are your real-life players – with product and video footage to show it.


  1. Lucas

    One more entry at my other Spanish blog, not frequently update but maybe a larger readership due to location. Let’s see if someone picks it up from there.

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