Brittany and Ronny went to Jamesport last Monday and returned with a mouser cat and a sow piglet. The piglet ran away immediately, it was so scared.

We said bye bye piglet. We sighted it a couple of times, in the next two days, and one time it came back right to the goat pen. Then it ran, I tried chasing it once more, but it’s not possible to catch it because it always disappears in some thicket. We gave up on that.

Sunday Brittany and Will went for a walk, and Yama started barking at something. Brittany and Will heard an oink. Will tackled piglet and caught it – the piglet was exhausted and near the end of its energy from being in the wild. There was not much food around, after first frost.

So now we have piglet back. She is still resting from exhaustion in a little cage, with a straight tail reflecting sadness. Ronny built a pen for her today. We look forward to little piglets, crispy bacon, and emergency diesel fuel from lard.

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  1. Amanda

    Poor piglet! She sure rallied back quickly. Good thing, since it would of disrupted your dreams of crispy bacon.;)