OSEmail – October 2019 Update

Things are heating up for winter with several updates:

  1. Open Source Microfactory Startup Camp – first ever enterprise development immersion Nov 9-30, 2019 at the OSE Headquarters.
  2. Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp – Hong Kong and Belgium events are on the calendar for January, 2020
  3. We’re hiring: Senior Project Manager for the STEAM Camp program.
  4. CEB Microhouse Build in Belize – one week left for early bird registration
  5. Awakened Life Expo – free online event on leading a fulfilling life.

Foremost – we are doing our first ever event dedicated to enterprise development – a 3 week Open Source Microfactory Startup Camp. We are beginning to produce kits for the CNC Torch Table and 3D Printer.  We are hosting a development camp as a public workshop, like a Startup Camp – but longer and probably involving more power tools. If you want to start a microfactory in your home town, then join us. This is interesting for us, as it’s a first event where productization is an explicit goal.

On to STEAM Camps. Currently we are developing the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp as a regular, ongoing immersion education program to be deployed concurrently in multiple cities around the world.  Based on the success of our first STEAM Camp, we felt that we can make a dent in the universe by offering collaborative design training for public development of common products – such that we truly democratize production and bring innovation back to every community. The STEAM Camps are picking up steam, as we are are putting Hong Kong and Belgium on the calendar for January 2020. See the STEAM Camp curriculum that we’re curretly developing – it’s a powerful 9 days or collaborative design training. We still need the power electronics aspects developed – so it the curriculum speaks to your skill set, we could use your help.

To expand the STEAM Camps – we are hiring. We need a Senior Project Manager to help us organize and execute all the steps of successful Camps as we expand this program. We plan to reach 12-24 events in parallel in cities around the world – such that at each parallel event – we have a combined effort of about 500 participants who can work together on collaborative design. Do the STEAM Camps speak to you as something that can do a lot of good, and do you have the management and operations skills to execute such complex events? Then email me at info at opensourceecology to apply. This is a full time job for those passionate about open source economic development, and we are offering competitive pay. Please pass this on to potential candidates.

On another side – the CEB MIcrohouse Build in Belize is moving forward for our first international build workshop. We just tested some soils and set up the brick press for pressing. If you would like to sign up, note that early bird registration ends next week at midnight, October 22, 2019 – which is still 4 months ahead of the Feb 22, 2020 event.

Last, I was interviewed for the Awakened Life Expo – an online event for leading a more fulfilling life. I gave my two cents about the open source economy and collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. You can get all 50 interviews for free from October 14-20, but you have to pay after that. Let me know what you think of this if you watch these. OSE is getting a 50/50 cut from anyone who buys the product.

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