OSE Social Network Presence Established

An OSE presence has been established on many popular social networking sites, and we are now looking for someone to manage them and direct outreach and community development. They are all updated with We welcome everyone to direct people to whichever of these sites you think can help spread the word about OSE. Remember, we’re looking for people interested in building the world’s first replicable self-sufficient technology for ecology permaculture ecovillage!

These are the new sites OSE is at:


Check them out and pass them on, thanks!


  1. Jeremy

    Open Source Ecology now has a facebook fans page:

  2. Ric Frost

    Hmmm. Comment seems to have been eaten by trolls.

    Anyway, Marcin, you left a comment on our blog about possibly helping out. I’m currently trying to cram in the last few classes I need for a degree, but once the dust settles, I would like to discuss details. You can e-mail me at rdfrost at yahoo.

  3. Kevin Carson

    Marcin’s also established a presence at LinkedIn:

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