Open Source Product Devopment Pipeline

So here’s the next best thing since sliced bread. We’re working on a streamlined pipeline for open source product development, and I think we’ve hit it on the head. Or at the very least, we’re clarifying the process required for this method to succeed.

Read about the method here.

In summary, this process means that we do the following for each of the 40 pieces of the Global Village Construction Set:

  • We define the general specifications
  • Fabricators provide review and bids
  • We fund it with crowd funding assistance
  • Fabricator comes to Factor e Farm to build
  • Factor e Team verifies replicability by building the same in 2 days

The budget required to support this approach is about $2-4k for a one month deployment period per project. The key is attracting expert review and fabrication capacity, which is then documented at Factor e Farm. Everybody wins. The only trick is to fund the work – which we think we are in a good position to do because of our network’s contacts with various meme hubs – or those players in cyberspace who have large followings, and could therefore create culture.

As such, we are preparing general specifications for review and bids. Read and study the wiki link, and get involved. There is the seed of successful open engineering in this.


  1. Scott

    I like the idea but it seems like getting the folks to come out to your site might be the issue. Although, you may be paying them to come out for a month or so.

  2. Marcin

    Time for project completion will typically range from 3 days to a month. If we are compensating people, do you think we’ll have trouble finding competent candidates?