My Experience at Factor e Farm

Hey all this is Stuart, and I was at the farm for a couple weeks back in August. I figured I should drop the blog a line on my experience at the farm as well as try to rally some support for the cause. I wish I could have got this out sooner, but better late than never.

I discovered the site while searching for plans for a C.E.B. press. After talking with Marcin a few times online, I decided to book a ticket and go check out what was going on at the farm.

It was a really cool experience. I was able to get involved with all the various projects in their varying stages, which was great as it allows you to get familiar with all the components of the farm. In the end, it really gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Working and spending time with Marcin, Brittany, Robert, and Elliott was a great experience in itself. They are great people with amazing intentions. It was like a vacation, but productive.

Beyond working on the projects, just being out there allows you to learn and experience multiple facets of the back to the land/homesteading world. Whether you just want to get away for a bit of REAL life experience, or are interested in doing something similar for yourself, it can only help prepare you for that reality. It is one thing to read and think about what it would be like to homestead and live sustainably, but its another thing to get out there and see what it is really all about.

I truly believe that they are onto something great there that can benefit many people on this planet when it is fully developed. However, there are necessary steps that must be taken to get to that point. Those steps cannot happen in a timely manner without your help.

If you have any interest in sustainable development, and really believe in it, then the factor e farm presents you with 2 real options to help contribute in a tangible way.

1) you can get your self down there and help out first hand with the many interesting projects that are continually evolving.

2) you can donate to the crowd source funding to help the project along – click here

Either way your contribution will be extremely valuable, and you will be able to see real results from your participation.

It was a rewarding experience and hopefully I will be back there again in the not to distant future to again be a part of their ongoing development.


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