Moving Forward

First of all, thank you for the many useful comments on the recent unfoldings at Factor e Farm. I apologize to Ben and Jeremy for my unjustified accusation, which was my mistake under escalating stress.

This is a chance to gain clarity:

  1. Factor e Farm is a research project with a community of researchers
  2. I’m the director of that project
  3. People who want to help solve these problems with us can come and help, but I’m not interested in governance by committee

Let me keep it simple: I started this, I intend to finish it, you can help. But you’re not going to take me off track. I’ll collaborate, but I’m not going to compromise except when you can convince me that your way is better than mine.

Merit is determined by our goals. Our goals are stated in the Factor e Farm Position Statement, which explains our approach. This is the substance of our work, it’s what got us on the map, it’s the guarantee of further support – and we will do everything in our power to keep us accountable to our goals.

There are pressing issues with respect to our infrastructure. We are addressing them immediately by:

  1. Continuing on experiments in optimized CEB construction this year
  2. Soliciting a Dedicated Project Visit to install our kitchen

The CEB prototype II is finished and you can see video in the next post. Lawrence, our first Dedicated Project Visitor working on the CNC torch table, arrived today (see proposal). We have written up a contract specifying minimum acceptable performance for both sides.

We look forward to moving with an opportunity to grow. Thanks again to all of you who are showing unwavering support in this time of exciting developments.


  1. Edward

    All things considered, you are doing an amazing job. Any of us may criticize your organizational methods, but nobody can criticize your fierce dedication.

    You guys are true inspiration. The recent work on the CEB press, and the new CNC torch table project show that your own project is internally resilient, even as it strives for civilizational resilience.

    I am still convinced that this project is one of the best possible efforts to donate to.

    Even for those who may disagree with the authoritarian structure of this particular project, I urge you to donate until this project forks. We will never reach that point without your help!

    I look forward to a thousand communities forming around this model, each with their own messy internal politics, and each with their own individualized governance mechanisms.

    Rock on!

  2. Kevin Carson

    I agree with what Edward said. As dismaying as recent events have been, the progress you’ve made has been amazing. I am still a true fan and encourage others to keep contributing.

  3. dRager

    Thank you Marcin for the clarification of project guidelines.
    I was under the impression that the Factor E Farm Project was a proposed societal development project for intentional communities in a non-region specific manner utilising Permaculture design systems. It appears that it is a proposed community construction and infrastructure design project for localised reproduction in middle western societal groups of cool to temperate climate. This was my error and I apologise for the misunderstanding. The community construction and infrastructure design project for localised reproduction in middle western societal groups of cool to temperate climate, seems to be doing very well, other than the recent problems which were unfortunate and obviously stress related (though this is a reason not an excuse).
    I am still unclear as to the final licensing of plans, nor the way they shall be distributed, when a sub-project is completed.
    Will the plans be released under the GPL, Lesser GPL, Creative Commons, MIT or a license that is being designed by you as project head.
    I must also thank you for clarifying the scope of involvement that contributors have re internal project design and concept.
    The non-distributed approach of a large corporation with division heads and project managers, who answer to a CEO, is a tried and trusted organisational structure and I applaud you on your willingness to adopt it.
    One last question regarding forks of project. How will this be handled? The forking of a project, to the best of my knowledge, is not used under this non-distributed approach and a clear understanding of what is required of fork maintainers (re attribution, distribution and licensing) needs to be made.
    Again thank you for the clarification of project outline given in your post.
    I did not understand the project fully nor its conceptual position.
    I wish you, your division heads and your design teams all the best in the future and hope that your project is a success.