Micro Power Cube workshop begins

Day 34


On top of celebrating the fourth of July with food, music and fireworks, Factor e Farm also hosted the first day of this weekend’s Power Cube/Micro Power Cube workshop yesterday.


Founding Director Marcin Jakubowski had interns start the day by putting together modules for each part of the Power Cube. Near the end of the morning everyone headed down to the workshop, where guest-slash-Power-Cube-expert Tom Griffing broke down how the Power Cube is built and functions.


Although the workshop is mainly for the interns, two visitors came to participate as well. Electricians Luke and Lourdes Crowley came from New York after hearing about the workshop through an entrepreneur boot camp they went to in Chile.


After eating lunch and watching the World Cup for a bit, the guests attending the workshop and most of the interns headed down with Marcin to the workshop for lessons in grinding, cutting, welding and safety.


In the evening, everyone celebrated the Fourth of July with a (glorious) feast of burgers, apple pie and other all-American dishes prepared by Hospitality Coordinator Danny Kirk.


A group of interns haphazardly threw together a band to play the Star-Spangled Banner, with Emily Dixon on flute, Michael Hess on violin, Clair Sprenger on viola, Victor Macul and Guillaume Coudray on percussion, Moriah Baltz conducting and Aidan Williamson functioning as a music stand.


The evening ended with intense debates about religion, science, society and a whole slew of other topics, after which the interns went to bed and rested up for the rest of the workshop.


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