May 1 Walkthrough

Here is the natural history of Factor e Farm just at the beginning of plantlife leafing out – May 1 prior to my Austria trip. We go through the wild areas, garden, orchard, and greenhouse. This is a major contrast to what the place looks like right now. I will blog about that in my next post – showing both the full greenness of the place and the permacultural developments that happened in the last month since Ben arrived.


  1. Rasmus

    “Bamboo starting to grow…”

    Marcin, be careful what you wish for. I have heard lots of stories of bamboo growing completely out of control. Take early action to confine the bamboo. I know it sounds funny at this stage, but you can put a collar into the ground around the bamboo area. I don’t recall exactly how deep it should be but vaguely remember something about 3 feet. This can be polyethylene sheet or anything that will block the roots from spreading. Check bamboo gardening guides for more specific information. DO consider yourself warned.

  2. […] are workng on drainage issues and further plantout in the garden and orchard. Compare this to the May 1 Walkthrough shown two posts ago, for comparison of the changes in the land as it turns fully green. This video […]