LifeTrac Frame Construction – Instructional Video

I just completed this full instructional on fabrication and assembly of the LifeTrac III frame.  All measurements are accurate and up to date.  As mentioned in the video, we are working to further simply the process of fabricating the steel tube frame pieces by developing a simple jig to mark where the holes are drilled on either side of the tubing.

The 3D CAD of LifeTrac Prototype III is found at Open Pario. The LifeTrac page on the wiki contains further details.

Coming soon, instructional videos on the rest of the LifeTrac construction process including:  loader arms, wheel motor mounts, and hydraulic system.


  1. anonyman
  2. Devin

    Awesome video. So important. Keep up the good work.

  3. Matt

    Excellent work, Marcin! Myself and a couple of friends are working towards putting together a self sustainable community down here in New Zealand, and I think that some of the concepts you have shown would be extremely beneficial to us (on a world-wide scale). Have you any plans to extract iron ore as part of the OSE system? I think that could be a vital link in the plan, as you could then create the steel componants from scratch, rather than having to buy in steel for fabrication. This also has the knock-on effect of allowing some ‘arts’ (such as blacksmithing) to continue to flourish. Just a thought…

  4. DreamBuilder

    Terrific. Thanks Ian on being an important part of the positive big important change.
    I cannot wait for the articulated model. To save the ground from being scuffed and turned by ‘skid steering’.

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