LifeTrac 3D

Bram DeVries, who does visualization support for Demotech, just sent us some excellent visualizations for LifeTrac, showing its simple box-with-wheels construction:

This brings up the point on our LifeTrac developments – which is to build MicroTrac – the smaller, 2-wheel walk-behind partner to LifeTrac, mentioned in the Distillations Part 2. It’s a partner because it will have an engine that can be interchanged with the larger LifeTrac engine, as a backup in case of failure. As such, we’re moving into desing that includes ready swap-ability of power units. This paves the path for our near term goal of powering LifeTrac with a steam engine fueled by on-site generated pyrolysis oil, for 100% ‘post-carbon’ transportation systems.

On MicroTrac, we’re presently looking for a 12-20 hp, one cylinder diesel engine. I know that arrow traffic signs on highways have them, so if you know any local governments going out of business these days, that’s one good place to look. Let us know on the best brand and source if you have insights.

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