Lawrence of Factor e Farm

Meet Lawrence. Lawrence arrived two days ago, and is collaborating as our first Dedicated Project Visitor. He is here developing a Replicable, Low Cost, High Performance, Open Source, Multipurpose, CNC XYZ Table based on our previous work.

We are making even further simplifications over the last design, and trying a laptop (not recommened) instead of a desktop for the controls. We are using a proprietary controller from Xylotex (RepRap controllers were not available at the time we purchased this), but we are also looking into adapting the the open source RepRap controller. We will be using a plasma cutter head initially, and we are looking into developing a dual plasma cutter handle that can be used either on or off the torch table.

Listen to Lawrence’s introduction, impressions, and goals about the project and about Factor e Farm:

Lawrence’s Commitments for CNC Torch Table Project from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.


  1. Nick

    Sounds like a great project, it sure does seem true that action at Factor-E just isn’t as easy as it seems to be while sitting in a nice clean home sipping on coffee (as I am). In any case good luck Lawrence!

    On a side note it might be interesting to have a seperate funding basket where we can directly donate to a dedicated project visitor so that we can choose to support projects and project managers we like?

  2. Marcin

    I agree. That was always the idea, but we did not demonstrate this point thoroughly. For example, with the Torch Table project, we have most of the components already purchased from previous work. We are planning on putting up a funding basket for outstanding materials and costs, once we get to that point of defining a clear budget, in the next week or so. The major outstanding cost right now is a plasma cutter. A plasma cutter will assist greatly in fabricating components such as the roller guides seen on CEB Prototype II.

  3. […] Table Project was detailed here, and you can see my commitments for the project here. Here is a choppy update of the Torch Tables […]