Industry Standard Cooking Video

This is a video that Molly made when she was here a few weeks ago. We have plenty of eggs from our chickens, and here’s the standard of what we do with them. You can call it Depression Cooking Lesson 1, in the style of this.


  1. Edward

    You made me hungry!

  2. ruth steck

    Did you know that scraping a no-stick pan with a metal fork causes the pan’s coating to come off in little flakes into your food?

    Were you just kidding around with this video? A half a cup of lard? Raw cabbage on top?
    Joy of Cooking this was not.


  3. Edward


    You are right about the fork, though from the looks of that pan, I doubt teflon existed when it was made. haha

    As for lard, if you notice on the blogroll, it seems Marcin subscribes to the Weston Price dietary philosophy.

    To be honest, saturated fats are better cooking oils since they don’t destabilize from heat. Some polyunsaturated oils can form all sorts of nasty stuff when used as cooking oil.

    Medium chain triglycerides, or MCT Oil, is my preferred cooking oil for health reasons, and I use olive oil for everything else. Yet, obviously, neither of those are readily available in a self-sufficient village in Missouri.

    Lard is a perfectly ok substitute, and indeed it was a depression-era staple for the similar reasons of cost and availability.

  4. Lostchief

    this looks like some goup my grandma used to make in the late 70s haha. Now I remember why Im so picky with food haha. Give me the eggs over east with the cabbage on the side with toast please haha. But I will say it’s nice to see a little lighter side of marcin :+}

  5. Amatul

    fats for hardworkers aint the same as fats for car sitting desk jockies like most of us nowadays – note that he aint fat, yet he eats lard…
    hmm hmm good!

  6. shaggy

    The lard is fine.
    You guys need to learn how to make krout before I come out there. Or I can teach you. And yeah buy a couple more cast iron pans. You can find them at junk stores or, get the foundry going!
    There is a book called nourishing traditions that has alot of weston price. Yes he is right!

  7. shaggy

    You need some Texas olive oil!