Historic Significance

October of 2011 marks the first ever replication of a complete Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) machine by an independent third party – the manual version of The Liberator CEB Press. This is a time of historical significance for the GVCS. Congratulations to James Slade of Texas.

See more pictures and a video of James’ work. You can also see his brick pressing samples.

A total of 3 replications of GVCS tools is currently taking place – see wiki for details. After we publish the Christmas Gift to the World, I expect about 100 independent replications by year-end of next year.

I am glad to report that I added a new category to this blog – Replication. We are using the Replication page on the wiki to record all other examples. Please post other examples there. If you do add content, please provide supporting information, pictures, and videos – and feel free to email me regarding collaboration.


  1. DreamBuilder

    I am shaking with excitement for you all. A bit of envy I admit to. Just marvellous. I like the Manual aspect; close to KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. This can be fixed a place! The electronics… blew once when a manual valve lever was touched at FeF.
    Do you think the Shaker should be replaced with a twin spiral auger inside the hopper to condition soil and stop bridging?
    Your block experiments to obtain your final Block Mix and quality will bring tears to pros eyes.

  2. Javipk

    Check this out! Adding wool fibers when doing bricks give them more strenght:

  3. […] have James Slade here – of historic significance in that he already replicated the CEB press – already working on the tractor. Mike Apostol is here taking measurements and doing full 3D […]