Groundbreaking for Construction 2011

Dear True Fans and Supporters, the emergency construction crowd funding is a major success – $19.7k of $20k as of 2 PM, Sep. 15, 2011, a little under 7 days from emergency campaign start (the ChipIn at $5,209 as of this time reflects only a part of the donations)


We hired for bulldozing and excavation for next Thursday, as our open source bulldozer is not developed yet. The dimensional sawmill, two soil pulverizers, plus tractor loader-mounted cement mixer are being built. Power Cubes are being finished. Roof trusses and a sample stringers for the workshop have been built. The site is partly cleared with a LifeTrac box blade, and corners are marked. See OSE Shop 2011 for more.



  1. Anonymous

    I just opened a bottle of champagne, I will drink the entire thing over the course of the evening in honour of you, the hard workers at Factor-E farm 😉 Best of luck and keep up the great work.

  2. Allen

    I hope it was just a slip of the tongue when you said “making hay bales” presumably for construction, because hay bales are fodder for animals, and not well suited for construction, vs. straw bales.

    Straw bales are made from the leftover stalks after the leaf and/or seed has been harvested, and hay isn’t going to keep inside your walls, plus it may attract vermin, as it is a source of food for some 😉

    1. Marcin

      We have no grain crop on our 30 acres, but lots of fields – with precious insulation, not weeds.

  3. CoCreatr

    Godspeed, guys. Where is the darn button to chip in? Cannot find on iPad.