Getting Ready to Ship

The field testing of The Liberator Beta v2.0 is complete. If you look back at the 8-12 brick per minute goals in the last link, you’ll observe that we surpassed this with 13-16 bricks per minute in practice. I love it when a plan comes together. This deserves a veritable press release, no pun intended.

We will report on compressive strength tests for stabilized and unstabilized bricks in the next blog post, and then we’re ready to ship our first product to Maureen. As one of the last tests, we demonstrate here that The Liberator, about 1600 lb of weight, fits on the back of a 1/2 ton pickup truck. One would probably want to use a larger pickup truck because of the weight, and take off the hopper in traveling so that the center of mass is lowered. The machine is design-for-disassembly, and today, we’ll begin packing it – so it will turn into a package about 2 feet high on a 3’x6′ pallet.

In the picture above, the legs are placed in the inner mounting position, 4 feet apart. During brick pressing, the legs are moved into the outer position for added stability at 6 foot separation.

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  1. Toby

    Well done! Hearty congratulations both to Factor e Farm and Maureen.