First 3D-prints of summer made

Day 9-10


Interns at Factor e Farm managed to make several 3D-prints over the past two days after working hours on configuring the printers with the programs they’re using for 3D-designs. Not all glitches have been smoothed out yet, but it shouldn’t be too long before all four printers are up and running for good.


On top of that, Founding Director Marcin Jakubowski and OSE interns have made progress on several other projects and started a couple new projects to improve Factor e Farm, including designing and building a gazebo.


A new intern, Guillaume Coudray, also arrived Tuesday night from Nice, France.


Morning business


At Monday’s morning meeting Marcin welcomed Moriah Baltz and Greg Buckland, who arrived Monday night. He and the interns also discussed plans for the upcoming workshop and week. After the meeting, they solidified part of the code being used for the CEB Press modules and continued work on the modules.


Once done with lunch, Marcin and the interns planned for the day and then split off to do work around the farm. Tuesday’s morning meeting was mostly a continuation of the topics discussed at Monday’s meeting. They also planned to finish the modules sometime this week.


Afternoon work


Tuesday afternoon, Greg, Moriah, Emily Dixon and Juan Bennazar worked with Marcin to get the 3D-printers up and running, managing to print an octopus and a scaled-down model of one of the 4” by 4” steel tubes used in many OSE designs (e.g., Power Cube).


They spent a lot of time levelling and figured out that the machines are sensitive to how tightly the plastic print material is wrapped around the spool they’re stored on.


One of the 3D-pritns OSE interns managed to make on Monday.

One of the 3D-pritns OSE interns managed to make on Monday.

Juan said that the printers require cleaning and are sensitive to the type of print material used, noting that the one he worked with prefers PLA over ABS.


“We found out that if it’s not catching, the part that feeds it through gets messy or clogged really really easily,” Moriah said. According to Emily, they also started making Google doc instructional on how to use 3D-printers.


Ordering 3D-prints of the CEB Press for OSE’s upcoming workshop from Sculpteo would cost $800, while printing them here would cost about $5.


Over the past two days, Gabriel Elkind and Clair Sprenger moved pool building materials from the workshop to where the pool will be and laid them out to prep for its assembly. They also read through the manual and almost finished an instructional on how to swarm the project.


On Monday Graham Coffman, Stephen Whiting and Sam Turner disassembled a Power Cube and began figuring out how they will fit it into a new frame later this week. Jeff Adams and Brenna Fitzpatrick finished putting panels on the Lasersaur laser cutter.


Jeff, Graham, Stephen, Sam and Brenna began planning out and building the gazebo that will eventually sit out in front of the Hab Lab. They also weed-whacked the space it will take up to prepare for its construction.


Concrete and rebar support structures that will sit under each corner of the gazebo.

Concrete and rebar support structures that will sit under each corner of the gazebo.

Anthony Douglas continued working to fix glitches in the program controlling the CNC Torch Table both days, finally figuring out how to get it to pierce metal prior to cuts late Tuesday night.


The controller for generating sample codes for the brick press also arrived in the mail early this week.

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