First 3 Raised Beds

We have a total of 11 organoponic raised beds now. No more clay hardpan. We are taking the chainsaw to some pallets, screwing them together, then filling the bed with straw, compost, a little soil, plus mulch on top. The whole garden will be filled with these soon – a perennial garden of apple, hazelnut, chestnut, asparagus, Alpine strawberry, perennial onions, rootstock beds, garlic, raspberry for a start, plus annuals. Here are the first three.


  1. Rasmus

    Give Biochar a try.

  2. Alain


    I’m a (old) student gardener and I just discovered organoponic with lot of interest and I would like to introduce this concept in our community garden in Miami.
    Could you please provide me with basic growing media composition and other useful information?
    Thank you very much for your cooperation.