Farm infrastructure build out

Day 25

In the morning, interns continued to revise their instruction manuals for the modules and overall assembly of the CEB brick press to clarify and streamline future builds. When individual module manuals are completed (CEB Press modules), the team members work towards developing the overall assembly and work flow.


Devin Ward seals in the walls of the solar house.

Devin Ward seals in the walls of the solar house.

Farm Infrastructure Build Out

Interns continued to work on improving the buildings around the farm.

Brenna Fitzpatrick, Guillaume CoudraySam Turner, and Victor Macul installed more soffit on the north, east and west sides of the Hab Lab.

Moriah Baltz,  Stephen WhitingCurtis CalkinsGraham Coffman, Devin Ward and Emily Dixon continued to fix up the Solar Cabin’s interior, installing OSB on the floors, and plywood on the walls and ceiling.

Gabriel Elkind continued drafting instructions on how to use Torch Table. He continued testing to improve accuracy. Specifically, Gabriel tested the LD3 of one of the parts and the path order using LibreCAD, Inkscape, and Lasersaur.

Agriculture specialist, Tim Gravlin, stopped by at the end of the day to help out the team with the agricultural development on the farm.  In addition to a weeding swarm, interns planted more crops in the plot including green peppers, tomatoes, edamame, and jalopenos.


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