Factor e Farm Documentary Forthcoming

Sean will publish his short documentary on Factor e Farm in a couple of weeks. These are some of the sights from summer 2010 as preview.

OSE: Timelapse Reel from Sean Church on Vimeo.


  1. Bleicke

    Amazing time lapses and great music, as always. Can’t wait for the documentary.

    How’s the new website going? Send me an email regarding the design, yeah?

  2. Anonymous

    I have a feeling spring and summer 2011 will see unusually fast progress at Factor E farm as things start to finally come together. I’m excited to see what happens.

  3. Jay Standish

    Will you guys release the documentary under a Creative Commons license? We’re working on a series of short documentaries leading up to a feature-length and would love to include some footage of OSE. All our content is released into CC so you can use our footage too!

  4. Tony Giaccone

    I’ve just discovered this project in the last three days. Amazing stuff, that video was great to watch, and I have to comments.

    1) The sound track could not be more annoying. An endless loop of droning music just doesn’t fit, in my mind, with the amazing stuff going on in the video.

    2) Time lapse is great fun, but there are a couple of over used shots in time lapse, one is sunsets the other sunrise. There’s way many minutes of “Look we’re doing cool time lapse” as opposed to the interesting things actually happening at the farm. Focus on what’s unique about your community.

  5. Sean Church

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the support!

    @Jay, yes- you are welcome to any and all media I have. Email me if you’d like to make arrangements on getting it to you-

  6. Bleicke


    I love the soundtrack. It’s atmospheric and lets you appreciate the accomplishments and fantasize about what else could be done.

    There are a lot of time lapses, that’s true. All in all though, I love the video.

  7. Sean Church


    Thanks so much for the compliment, but especially the criticism. You highlight two points that always come up when I show this to people. I will address your points respectively…

    1) I’ve received mixed feedback on the music- some love it, some hate it, but few are neutral. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of it myself, but from the music I had available at the time, I thought it worked best.

    If you’ve ever tried finding good, royalty-free music on the internet, you know it’s hard. There is A LOT of content out there, and most of it ranges from horrible to bad at best. I’ve spent hours going through, and have selected around 20 songs out of hundreds I sampled.

    Honestly, I could spend forever trying to find good, free music, but that time is spent better editing at this point. I more than welcome anyone to browse through archives- or even contribute original music- and if I use what you find or create, I’ll list you in the credits.

    2) Again, I completely agree. The key here is that this was a “reel”- which is not intended primarily for promotional material (although it does function as such), but simply as a sequence of images to get an idea of all the material created. There are 24 timelapses here, and I’d be surprised if I put even half of them in the actual documentary. They will each likely be shortened as well. I wanted to put this content out there as much of it won’t be seen in the final product, yet they all took a lot of time and effort.

    The documentary will have an actual sense of substance and narrative, not just “look at this cool sunset”. The timelapses will most likely serve as transitional sequences between topics.

    But again, I really appreciate the criticism- this helps much more than compliments (but those are nice too :)), and I encourage everyone to be completely honest about their reactions- it will only make the documentary better!