Extraordinary fourth Oekonux conference marks milestone for P2P movement

That’s the title of Michel Bauwens’ post on the P2P Foundation blog regarding the recent conference, where I discussed our program for building the world’s first, replicable, open source, off-grid, Global Village. Read the rest of Michel’s inspiring post here. I share the feelings completely. It was the most engaging and inspiring convergence I’ve ever attended in my life, as I got a chance to meet many of the heavy-hitters from the P2P world for the first time in person. In short, a few of the many treats for me were: Smari’s crazy talk on the future of governance – the establishment of the Association of Peer to Peer Researchers – collaboration with C’mm’n, the ambitious open source car project – plus we’ll be building RepRap here within a few months. RepRap is part of a reality that will allow us to eliminate our trips to Walmarts and others in the near future. That’s a major political and practical statement. The future is here. I’ll post a video of my presentation and the RepRap adventure soon, and I will fill in the rest of the details.


  1. Lost Chief

    I was just listening to a Podcast about RIPRAP. And how they are working on a machine that can not only make hundreds of items but also make a copy of all the parts needed to make another of itself. I will need to check one out in person one day just to get a better picture in my head.

  2. […] encounter with RepRap, in the aftermath of the Oekonux trip – was transformative. This space age stuff is real – and it works – today. You can use RepRap […]