Ecotech Infrastructure

We are planning some serious infrastructure building this year. Our technology goals for 2008 are:

We are optimizing our hydraulic Compressed Earth Block press prototype , and building a swing-blade sawmill . We need good equipment so we can begin building. Our planned additions include where the only existing part of the structure so far is , which is the green part of the diagram above. We’ll build and use the XYZ table to fabricate CEB machines by October, 2008, so if you’d like to consier buying one at $3-5k, it’s not too early to contact us. This year, we’ll also build the turbine , with the Babington burner , steam generator and rooftop solar collectors for producing solar electricity with grid intertie. We’ll use the Multimachine to produce the disks for the turbine, and basic electronics fab to make inverters. This is, all in all, a bit of the technological ecology we’re planning, for our permaculture and permafacture. It’s nice to use our sun, earth, and trees, because they send us no bills.

We need royal help with the above development program. It’s the bud of a world-class facility for open source product and enterprise development. We want it to be the Wikipedia of REAL product design and OPTIMIZED fabrication. We’re just trying to change the world’s industrial system. It’s worth trying, at least. In the meantime, please peruse our ~ 100 page proposal that gives a few more details: The proposal is incomprehensible to most, but if you study it carefully, you will glean serious insight into our approach and goals.


  1. Andy Mahoney

    I would like to know a little more about what you are working on, where it is going to take you and your budgets and goals.

    Looking forwards to hearing from you some time soon

    Kind regards

    Andy Mahoney
    Home Brew Power
    Off-Grid Power Installer – UK)
    Mobile: 07504 50 50 89
    HomeBrewPower Yahoo Group On Carbon Neutral Power

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  3. Mike Parks

    Hi Guys,
    I think what you are doing is great!
    Where did you get plans for a swing-blade?

    We would love to build one, but nobody will
    even take the time to send us a closeup picture.

    Can you help with a plan source or a diagram?
    – Mike

  4. Marcin

    Mike, as of 4.9.08, we have only what is found at:

    We are making the road by walking on this one. We are planning to look into Farm Show Magazine ( – and contact people who have made bandsaw mills or circular sawmills – and ask them about suggestions. That magazine has contacts for all the people who feature their inventions – so it’s a goldmine for practical experience from around North America.

    If you find any more info on the swing-blade, please contact me. Why are you interested in it? Personally, I think it is the most effective type of sawmill from maintenance perspectives.