Economy in a Box: Reaching Post-Scarcity Escape Velocity

We have been invited to Seattle, Washingon, USA, to present at OpenUp – a new forum focusing on open source topics. We have dubbed OpenUp as the TED for Open Source in a previous post.  Our thanks go to Thomas Becker, co-founder, for inviting us. Thom has also started Lastwear, the open source clothing company. Join us for the presentation on Tuesday, Otober 19, 2010, if you are in Seattle. It’s at the Maple Leaf Branch at 6:30 PM.

We will be discussing the next step after the Economy in a Box presentation. The Economy in a Box talk overviewed the case for post-scarcity, open source, resilient communities. The presentation summarized how the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) – an advanced industrial economy-in-a-box which may be replicated inexpensively anywhere in the world – provides the key building blocks for creating modern, resilient communities in a bootstrapping fashion. This time around, our presentation is called the Economy in a Box: Reaching Post-Scarcity Escape Velocity. We will push the limits of thinking and practice of how the GVCS can break the feasibility and cost barriers of building communities from the ground up. This presentation will cover a bold program of requirements which would allow replication cost to reach zero. If you don’t want to spend an average of $1M over your lifetime for your cost of living that includes only housing, food, and driving – then you may want to find out about our proposition to Buy Out at the Bottom for about $14k, to live happily ever after. This should be a decent and fun addition to our repertoire of evolutionary infotainment – which we believe is worthwhile because these are not pipe dreams – but realities that we’re substantiating with daily results from Factor e Farm.

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