Dedicated Project Visits

Inga and I refined a collaboration procedure for development work at Factor e Farm. We are focusing our development efforts on dedicated project visits – a topic that we’ve discussed a number of times, and finally put down on paper.

All together, on-site collaboration includes first-time visits, work days announced at the Factor e Farm email list, workshops (such as the forthcoming CEB vault workshop in the last post), open source agroecology projects, and now – dedicated project visits as the core of scaling our development efforts. You can also read more about remote collaboration.

This is part of our growth as an organization, and is intended fully to provide the much-needed accountability for producing results. Basically, we are moving away from poorly-defined goals and expectations that plagued many of our project visits, by formalizing the clarity in the form of a working proposal. Non only does a proposal have to be made to us, but also to the greater world – in the spirit of open source collaboration. To do this, applicants must blog their commitments prior to coming here. Once here, we are requesting a short introductory video at the onset of the project, and weekly documentation. This proposal will be documented both on this blog and our wiki. We have seen much trouble resulting from poor communication on our side regarding expectations, and we will have no more of that.


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