Dear True Fans and Supporters

Dear True Fans and Supporters, we have fallen into a general video and documentation blackhole over the last 4 months. People are asking for news. We haven’t been idle:

Dear True Fans and Supporters from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

You can read the transcript here. I am promising a weekly update as we are going on the final countdown towards the Rollout Plan for the Global Village Construction Set.


To reach the documentation blackhole escape velocity, I further report:

  • Initial plan for living units has been proposed by Margaret Ida Havens – see the initial selection of designs. The unique feature is that it uses the same grid spacing and roof sections as the workshop facility – so it is a modular design – therefore highly replicable. We are planning on a 10 person living unit, and calling it RepHab for Replicable Habitat, based on our core value of replicability.

 available Check out OSE Logs for ongoing activity, and Factor e Farm Log for the on-the-ground work at Factor e Farm



  1. Peter

    Awesome! These updates and videos really are great. Really glad to hear that things are going full steam ahead and that you all are getting support, crucially financially. My current situation doesn’t allow it, but I hope to be a true fan in the near future.

    Fantastic project. Fantastic work. Thank you!

  2. Daniel

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing the results.

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