Collaborative Production Run Video – The Liberator – Prototype IV

In the last blog post – we summarized the Collaborative Production Run results for The Liberator – our open source, automated, Compressed Earth Brick Press. Here is a video.

CEB Production Run. from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

We are planning the next Collaborative Production run for Power Cube VIII at the end of the month. On the ground, we are using LifeTrac IV, our open source tractor – for agriculture in raking hay for baling.



  1. Aidan

    Awesome use of the pipe vice!!!
    I knew that thing would come in handy!

    This video made my day

    1. Marcin

      Everything comes in handy – at Factor e Farm.

  2. Joe LaMarr

    Looks awesome – great work guys, thanks for sharing!

  3. […] rate to 4 prototypes per month at Factor e Farm by March of 2013. ┬áSince the success of the CEB Press┬áCollaborative Production Run, we are shifting our recruiting to a focus on machine designers instead of fabricators. We found […]

  4. chris

    its all very interesting but where are the plans

  5. Kadir

    Im interesting The Liberator, for last two years I invested affordable housing business for low income East Africa community. its not easy to lower the cost unless we use local available raw material. Also we developing business model to lease machine to community to build them selfs.

    I don’t believe Aid or free things will solve our basic needs for my community, but but also I’m against maximising profit or cost of things to a level we dream most of us to have one bed room with one light and clean water….

    We were planning to purchase 25k machine.. but now we will like to order from you guys, we don’t sure how… if we get a sample may be in the future we can produce local…. I’m Dubai, I’m sure can workout something….