Clarifying OSE Vision

Vinay published his vision for Global Swadeshi recently – a movement where individuals take personal responsibility for global issues. Key among these issues is oppression – whether it’s the oppression of the weak or funding one’s own oppression by The Matrix in the industrialized world.

Here we clarify what OSE, and its experimental facility, Factor e Farm, are after.

We are actively involved in demonstrating the world’s first replicable, post-industrial village. We take the word replicable very seriously – we do not mean a top-down funded showcase – but one that is based on ICT, open design, and digital fabrication – in harmony with its natural life support systems. As such, this community is designed to be self-reliant, highly productive, and suffciently transparent so that it can truly be replicated in many contexts – whether it’s parts of the package or the whole. Our next frontier will be education to train Village Builders – just as we’re learning how to do it from the ground up.

Education is key. I just talked to Farsam who introduced me to Hologenesis. Farsam is convinced that it is possible to provide the highest level of education for free – to everybody – within the next 10-15 years. This certainly would be an antidote to what I consider as the greatest crime against humanity today – the systematic dumbing down of children from their true potentials and interests to become mindless teeth of the industrial soul-crunching machine. We will continue our discussion on applications of real learning at Factor e Farm. We thought about accreditation. We now want to leapfrog and develop our own standards – because present accreditation falls short of our vies of integrated learning.

On another practical front, we’re interested in collaborating with other existing post-industrial village construction programs out there. OSE-Mid Missouri just started as a student group at the University of Missouri, Columbia. We are framing our collaboration as experiential learning by building a post-industrial village. We also aim to develop this relationship to a clearinghouse of applied research and development projects for students in general.

What are other best examples of global village construction? How are they contributing to the integration of natural and technological ecology for creating replicable nodes of regenerative transformation? How do we work together?


  1. Richard

    so will OSE become a member of the Open Sustainability Network? And do you want me to give a presentation at the Open Sustainability Unconference?

  2. Stephen

    For those of us who are just beginning to learn about OSE and its associated groups and concepts, could you please tell us who “Farsam” is, and perhaps where we can find more about his concept of free education. I agree that the dumbing-down of children carries with it the seeds of self destruction. Anything that would reverse this trend would be welcome.