CEB Building Phase 2 – Site Analysis

We are doing preparatory work for our second phase of CEB construction – Inga’s House. Over the winter, we built the first CEB structure – our workshop addition. We’re moving on to building under optimal conditions – dry summertime and improved CEB press Prototype 2.

Here we begin with initial site analysis and soil samples:

And here is the soil sample analysis result after 3 days of settling:


Result II comes from 2 feet below ground level on the Western part of the land parcel, marked by the white circle on the map. The soil fraction appears to be about 40% clay on top, a small fraction (<10%) of silt, and the rest is large-grained sand. This appears suitable for CEB constuction, if the desired clay fraction is 30-40% of the soil.

Result 4 (from 2 feet down in the northern part of our land parcel) appears to be nearly 100% clay, and we would have to add sand to prevent excessive cracking.

Here is a further description of the site and elevations. You can also access the Google map here.



  1. Nick

    I really look forward to seeing this international global house project happen. What is going to be the price of purchasing a signature brick?

  2. Amatul

    brick path in garden
    sell bricks to truefans

    fire the sample4 clay into commemorative plates for truefans or funders
    clay = cottahe industry material – is it good for facials? is it able to fire nicely? hmmmmmm.

    One Love!!
    Ama in Poland Spring ME interviewing some farms

  3. Inga

    Hi Nick,

    we are moving right along, more and more people are getting actively involved. Did you look at the latest post yet?

    Yesterday we had a pow wow about the price for purchasing our designer bricks. They are US$ 50.00 per piece or anything more you would like to donate. In order to have an accurate list of names I can follow for signing the bricks, we have created the “Inga’s House Fans” group.

    Believe it or not, the first Austrian fan donated € 100.00 spontaneously. Her name is Evelyn Sickl and she is a practicing nutritionist in Moosburg, Carinthia. She is leading the way…..anyone following her?

    Inga – The Village Elder

  4. Inga

    Hi Ama,

    what great ideas you have! As soon as I get to the farm (end of July) I shall apply some to my face, if it feels good, I’ll apply it all over!! I’ll let you know the results asap.

    Commemorative plates – and why not?! Let me get out there first, build Inga’s House and then I’ll get into all these other fun things. You have a lot of talents, I hope you stop by while I’m at the farm those first 4-5 weeks? I love to learn new things from real experts.

    See you there!

    Inga – The Village Elder

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