Breakthroughs: Teeth and Other

Because LifeTrac has difficulty digging clayey soil for CEB bricks – we added breakthrough teeth. Pun intended.

LifeTrac is a toothless granddaddy no more. Now the digging bucket will munch the ground up like cotton candy.

Field testing is forthcoming. You can contribute content to the open source tooth bar wiki page.
I had a personal breakthrough, too – regarding Open Source Ecology. I can stand strong behind OSE – our work is important. We are simply working on stuff essential to the world, and products come one after another. It is the stuff of economic power – the key to liberation.

Vinay write about the case for funding OSE beautifully – see his post. I have gained additional clarity on to why we’re doing what we’re doing. OSE work is destined to mushroom to a full social movement.

The community supported manufacturing concept (see OSE Economic model at Factor e Farm) is breakthrough, and we’re making it happen with your support.

If you are a interested in social change – ie, a hard core radical ready to drop The Matrix on the spot – then you are invited to join our humble team. This is a standing invitation. The movement grows only when individuals dive into learning an integrated skill set. Or, you can support our work vicariously.


  1. Abe

    Awesome progress. I had never seen a backhoe on the front before, but it makes so much sense to combine the mechanisms up there. Next step needs to be to dig a pond!

    It really makes me want to get started on one as well. The more I look at it, the more it seems I could be using scrap car frames and such for most of the structure and drop in hydraulics from surplus center.

    Good work!

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