The Volunteers Experiment.


Yesterday’s post was delayed because I got a nasty food poisoning. Canned beans are sure a big no no for me. More over, I spent all yesterday on cutting woods with our chainsaw and almost cut my left leg off. I actually sliced through my black jeans. Two inches deeper and Factor E Farm would have to be handicapped accessible. Chopping down trees is sure not a walk in the park, It takes total concentration and balance, there is no place for mistakes. We should get ourselves some good protection gear as soon as possible.

Good guys at work.

our anticipated volunteers came late at night. They came as a work party- short burst of work and needed help during a weekend. Architectural students, They are: Marshall (Sabrina’s brother), Carmen and Carlie; young, strong and eager to help. My little apartment got an excellent start and we almost completed two full rings. The experience was very positive and energetic and we hope it would be a tradition. We truly hope they would come next week. Thank you guys.

Our web site is almost done. We already registered the domain, and some temporary pages are shining there. Next week we shall cut the ribbon on it; It will be an important addition to our recruitment efforts and general online presence.

Tomorrow is our day off and we will use it to the full. I personally plan to sleep in and then maybe take a ride on our bike to know our surrunding area a little bit more.

Have a nice weekend,


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