Logs and cookies



 We worked hard for the last to days in order to show you guys the picture above. The addition is almost complete. A half day’s work and it will shine like a diamond. It really made me reconsider my plans about my future humble hut. If that amount of work by three people takes to built such a small addition, what will it take from me alone. Will I make it?

We talked about our plans for the big organic market that will be in the winter. We have some ideas for products, but I truly feel there is a lot ahead of us in order to really score there big.


Why cookies? Well, about two days in a row I ate those unhealthy artificially flavoured cookies instead of a regular healthy breakfeast. After the third day I felt like a train wreck; physically and emotionally. It is silly to consume such rubbish while living at an organic farm. Now, after two days of cookieless diet, I feel energized again. Well, at least the term “cookied” will live on.

Because of the excepted  rain tomorrow, we switched our day off. I have been working straight for nine days in a row and it starts to show. Hope I will regenerate tomorrow.


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