6-in-60 Machine Builds Under Way

With the machine builds of the 6 in 60 campaign now in full swing, exciting work at OSE continues. Days start at 9:00 a.m. and end at midnight, but Product Lead Gary DeMercurio reports,  “Everyone has been churning out tasks with great attitudes. Working with our interns and Dedicated Project Visitors (DPVs)  has been phenomenal.” Check out the action at the HabLab as the builds began!

Currently in production, the backhoe and the ironworker may be completed as early as today, as the work of all those who participated in design sprints comes to fruition.

Backhoe Design Sketch

For many of you who follow and support the work of Open Source Ecology, it may seem all too easy to conclude that you can’t do much to help further OSE’s mission, except monetarily, if you aren’t an engineer or if you don’t know how to cut steel at a CNC Torch Table. But that’s just not true. Operations manager Katie Whitman reports, “Yesterday we had a great True Fan, Randy, come out to give some pro bono accounting advice. Contributions like this one will save OSE money, but also help encourage and facilitate an environment where ‘do it yourself’ is the ‘go to’ response.”

There are more ways to contribute to OSE’s mission than you might think. If you haven’t yet checked out how you might help with video documentation, be sure to check out Documentation Manager Rob Kirk’s invitation to get involved.

Not all work we do at OSE is dramatic enough to be caught on video, but it is all nonetheless vital, whether that is tracking down a working printer for use at Factor e Farm, fetching yet another load of steel for the builds, or plugging critical information into Project Manager software for the first time to see how the program can help with the management of OSE’s many projects. We celebrate every step we take, with the help of many collaborators, toward fulfilling OSE’s core mission. This week we want to give a shoutout our Dedicated Project Visitors, including Jordan Phoenix, who has been working hard on prototyping, vision, and OSE’s strategy for scalability. In his free time he has been working just as hard to bring back our Facebook. Four of our six DPVs are pictured below. Thanks, all!

Prototyping at OSE


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