3000 Bricks and Counting

Upon the suggestion of Reto Stauss of the nachhaltigBeobachtet blog, we have installed the ChipIn widget here for additional transparency in our crowd funding strategy. At the time of this post, we collected $1144, and still have $856 left to go in the November Funding Cycle for construction materials. We also have $1400 left to go for the 25-hp chainsaw sawmill prototype. Chip in:

Here are some pictures of our pressing situation:

See more images below:


  1. Lucas

    Just added the ChipIn gadget.

  2. Lucas
  3. Nick

    Impressive, but are you guys out of pre-dug dirt?

  4. Sam Rose

    I just donated some cold, hard CASH!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  5. Tom L

    Do you have a PRF ChipIn gadget?

    No, we don’t. Anyone who donates in general is put on the PRF list. There is no dedicated PRF widget. – Marcin