Personal Fuel Makers – Biomass to Fuel

Based on a personal gasifier, care of Dr. Yuyi Lin , Mike Koch, et al:

which generates gas from any cellulosic biomass:

we can take the process further to make liquid fuels – such as diesel. Utilizing Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, a process proven on a large scale:

(from Wikipedia)

our collaboratory will evaluate the possibilities for optimization for small-scale fuel generation. We mean personal fuel makers – a radical proposition. We are currently writing a grant proposal for this – and will consider a dual license – free to small producers, and royalty-based for companies with gross sales of a million or more dollars. Please view this historical website for progress on the Fischer-Tropsch process to date – and comment on key issues and possibilities.

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  1. Alan Wilcox

    Good looking unit for a personal gasifier.

    This is a welcome sight to see someone with a website like this one promoting self sufficiency.

    I wonder if you have considered collecting the heat emitted in the process either through wall coils to use somewhere else in process streams or to allow higher rates of gas production?