Open Source Solar Turbine Convergence

We are preparing for several guests here in mid August to build the open source solar concentrator power system. Today, Benjamin from the Solar Turbine email group sent an updated design on the solar reflector mounting:

In the August convergence, we’re looking to generate steam production data from this concentrator system. We’re predicting steam for 500 watts of useful power on the first run. The system cost is $2.5k – or about $5 per installed watt. This results from overall 3% efficiency, out of a theoretical maximum of 40% (Carnot efficiency = (500K-300K)/500KJ). We think  that we’ll achieve 15% efficiency after optimization -  or $1/installed watt costs. That is very promising.

We need help on sourcing a heat engine and tracking down other knowledgeable individuals for the email group. Our implementation will be the best teacher – and I think a heat engine will appear from somewhere once we have steam data.


  1. […] Such a project is interesting from the standpoint of localized production in the context of the global economy – for creating significant wealth in local economies. For example, I see this as the key to casting and fabricating low cost steam engines for the Solar Turbine. […]

  2. […] Ben, and I had a last minute opportunity to visit Factor E Farm. Ben has been helping with the open source Solar Turbine project and I am trying to get the earth plaster operation started. Last month I had the fortune of working […]

  3. DrwTrippy

    Seems a Photonic Turbine pushed by the suns own photons would be more effective with the exception of our atmosphere of course.

  4. Perfect Smile

    Really cool blog you have. Let the Force be with you or like say my friend from Khazahstan “great success”!