On Progress

Here is an overview of our overall program of action:

On the CEB Press for building – we are presently building the LifeTrac tractor – an agriculture, construction, and general utility device. This device is remarkably pedestrian in appearance – so one has to appreciate the details to grasp its versatility and lifetime design features. A big shipment of most of the parts for LifeTrac is coming in tomorrow – the Freight truck missed today. The status of the Solar Turbine is preparation for construction in August. On the digital fabrication front, CNC torch table is in progress – As far as the CNC-controlled Multimachine – we are preparing an implementation path.

Here is a big point to consider, if you haven’t heard it before. If we can generate a repository of open source design – then with computer controlled fabrication capacity – people can download design and produce anything anywhere. The key is the repository of open source design – plus availability of a low cost multipurpose production capacity – run with open source computer control software. That is the promise of digital fabrication – decentralization of production and, thereby, peer production. You can read more about peer production and free enterprise here. We are contributing by implementing the torch table and multimachine – both coupled to LinuxCNC.

The basic idea on progress is – as soon as collaborators surface to move the project forward – progress accelerates. Our main need is technical collaboration and per-project visitors to Factor e Farm to implement the technical components one by one – towards creating a replicable option of an Unplugged Lifestyle. 
More notes on the steps:

1. CEB fabrication facility will be built after completing LifeTrac, which powers the CEB machine and prepares the soil

2. LifeTrac – parts arriving today; basic frame with engine to be completed in 10 days; fully functional in a month

3. Solar Turbine – frame installation starts in August. Babington burner – flash steam generator – collector tube – to be built prior to frame installation.

4. Multimachine, Torch Table – we have all parts for torch table – to be done when we find someone to help. Multimachine – to be implemented once we find someone to help. Design specification for Multimachine in progress.

Present priorities are finishing well-digging; building LifeTrac; preparing for Solar Turbine implementation; preparing for demo CEB buildings.

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  1. Ed

    I don’t know if I can post a photo here, but I’ll give it a try…I thought you might like to see a photo of an earth block making machine circa 1920: