Factor e Live

Change is continuous at Factor e Farm. You may have seen this post on how our place has evolved from a plain soybean field to rich diversity on many fronts.

To record these changes as they happen, we have begun the Factor e Live series. These are videos, aired every two weeks, that show the ongoing changes – and serve as a future record of the process of building a village. As the titles say – we are Farm Fresh Ideas – for sustainable, regenerative, and transformative development – through open source collaboration.

This is our first in the series. Enjoy. Click below, or download the file (28 MB). Please comment profusely.


  1. Tomatogurl

    Very, Very Cool.. I would like to see more about your house…. Maybe I should read more on your blog. Thanks for the cool clips! Just an FYI walnuts and tomatoes are a no go. Any roots should be away from tomatoes. 🙂

  2. Chris

    Lovely and lush. What beautiful hosts for the program.

  3. Richard

    ah! fields of clover! how much they have grown in a few months. The erosion seems to be holding back. Encouraging to hear about the well, as well. swadeshi out.

  4. Ronny

    Awesome, guys.
    Great job on the video. It was almost like being there again. I liked the sudden and violent cuts in the scenes, very trippy ineed.
    I look forward for future episodes.
    Love you and miss you,

  5. Amy

    Makes me want to be a part of the movement even moreso! Look forward to seeing you lovelies and all of your hard work soon! Much love, Amy and Salem

  6. diana

    Ah, the reality of romanticism! Kudos for your commitment of the long view! Look forward to more videos. From another perspective, I would offer you need some historical context of who each of your are in a nutshell and why you’ve chosen this lifestyle. For other’s searching out there in cyber land for alternatives, having something tangible within each of your stories will offer something familiar individuals may connect with.

    Looking forward to seeing the place for myself this summer and hearing back from you how I can be of service for volunteering for a week. I’m ready to weed the garden and milk the goats for sure. Only the few can call that a vacation!:)


  7. Marcin

    There is a little bit of historical context on Marcin at the Global Swadeshi Dialogues interview: