The perfect time to think spring is when snow covers the ground and is held there by freezing temperatures.  You can “do” spring when the ground cracks as the frost heaves and buds burst into greens, whites, and pinks.  But now is the time to think.

So, two weeks ago, I pulled out my garden seeds– saved ones, leftover ones, a couple from friends– and tested them for viability.  Its a pretty simple process and will let you know if you should put one seed in the hole, two or three seeds into the same pot, or throw out the packet all together and get yourself some new ones.

1.First label your packets.  (ie. Broccoli is #1.  Carrots are #2… Each variety gets a letter so Bolero Carrots are #2a and Nantes Coreless are #2b…)

2. Make small squares of paper towel, label them to match your seeds, fold in 5 or so seeds into the towel and get it wet.

3. Put your damp (not soppy-wet) towels into plastic bags in a warm spot (like the top of a refrigerator or water-heater).

4. Wait 1-2 weeks.  One week is usually plenty, but sometimes a stubborn seed just needs an extra week.

5. Open your presents and see what you find.  Lots of mine didn’t sprout at all.  But below are a couple that did:

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