The First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam – New York City

The power of open source hardware lies in the ability to build upon others’ work and good documentation is the key to making this happen. We believe that documentation best practices can increase contributions to open source hardware projects significantly. For this reason, we are hosting a collaborative event to arrive at an open source hardware documentation platform based on a set of shared standards.

Open Source Ecology is co-organizing the first event for defining documentation standards for the Open Source Hardware movement – the Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam, April 26-28, 2013, in New York City.

The event will be limited to about 75 people, and we are looking for open source hardware developers, sofware developers, web designers, interface designers, documenters, copywriters, storytellers, and facilitators. You may register at the link above. For questions or to contact the organizing team, email us – info at opensourcewarehouse dot org.


  1. Franz Nahrada

    Thanks, this is really the effort we need to get things going.

    I hope immediately after the jam you have some energy to spread the message in Europe. Give us a positive sign, and we can raise support!

    here is the Call:

  2. mark

    Please either fix the twitter image links that have been a problem on the top right of the main page of the website for the past few months or remove the stream.

    I have asked about this before, through the right channels, but no remedy yet.