The Eagle has landed….

…well, actually I’m a Leo (August 7th and don’t forget!) but I have landed, I did it, I made it, I’m here!! I spent my first night on a bed, not the floor. Expecting (almost) nothing is working great, you should try it, too.

Marcin actually shot a short video of me after my first 2 hours at the farm:

Eagle Has Landed from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

I slept wonderful, my stupid cough did too and I woke up before the roosters at 5 a.m. It was still pretty dark so I stayed in bed and listened to nature wake up slowly.

A hen and her little baby chick had spent the night in the “hall” that’s in front of my room. They wanted to get out to do their “business” and I needed to do the same. When I tried to open the door they fled into my room (they don’t know me yet, and I think I spoken German with them…). Finally I caught the chick and carried it outside and mom followed quickly.

For my “business” I have my own very private hut. I even have a toilet seat and toilet paper! What luxuries. I’ll have to get someone to carve a heart into the door, then it will be really authentic.

Marcin has had a tough few days trying to repair the car. Sad but true it is something substantial that needs to be replaced. He also spent a lot of time and energy fixing up my room and I’m very happy he did.

I took a look around the property right after the morning ritual (see above) and decided very quickly, I need to get some rubber boots. I’ll wait for the official guided tour after breakfast to find those delicious peaches. (Remember that video? I can’t forget it!)

You’ll hear from me regularly from now on. I will not have time to write many individual emails, so if you want to know what’s happening out here, read the blog!

Inga – The Village Elder


  1. Edward

    Awesome! Will come visit very soon.

  2. Rick Clapp, DAL

    It was nIce meeting you at JFK, Good luck on the Farm!

    -Rick, Delta Air Lines
    (Open Source Fan)

  3. Inga

    Hi Rick,

    thanks again for your entertaining help at JFK. Please tell the pilot with ‘more stripes’ that I truly appreciated his carrying my bag of ‘bricks’.

  4. Edward

    I loved meeting you Inga! Best of luck to you with your workshop!

  5. Mark

    August 7th and don’t forget!

    Happy Birthday!