TED: The Day After

It is my second day as a TED Fellow at the TED Conference – and it is the day after my talk. It went very well, and it was well received. It will go online as soon as it’s processed by the TED media people.

So far I have seen an amazing opportunity to find mentors, collaborators, advisors, and investors that can help make the 50 Global Village Construction Set tools a reality within 2 years. I am looking for boundary-smashing collaborations – and there’s a good audience for that here.

One fellow Fellow whom I met is Cesar Harada – an open source hardware guy working on oil spill cleanup technologies. See his Kickstarter campaign and chip in. We will probably collaborate in the future with Cesar’s other project – his work with the open source, International Ocean Station – which is like the GVCS but deployed at sea.

Got to run – the conference is only beginning.

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