TED Fellows and Milestones

One of our supporters nominated me for the TED Fellows program. I just got an email from the program officer, inviting me to apply. The application is due by September 25. My schedule this week is tight, and we have an important visitor arriving Friday. I am not planning to apply unless someone in the audience is willing to help. This is basically a communications/PR task. If you can take out a day helping to write the application, please contact me.

Personally, I think that product release and domonstrated scalability of the Factor e Farm experiment is a prerequisite for us having a good chance to make the ranks of TED Fellows. I think this will be achieved for the next application cycle in a year. Along these lines, we’d like to share the near-term project goals (and accomplishments) to clarify where we are going. Based on our track record, the schedule may be off by up to twenty years. Thus, the proposed timeline can be taken as either entertainment or a statement of intent – depending on how much one believes in the project.

2008 – modularity and low cost features of open source products have been demonstrated with LifeTrac and CEB Press projects

2009 – First product release

2010 – TED Fellows or equivalent public-relations fellowship to propel OSE to high visibility

2011 – $10k/month funding levels achieved for scaling product development effort

2012Global Village Construction Set finished

2013 – First true post-scarcity community built

2014OSE University (immersion training) established, to be competitive with higher education but with an applied focus

2015OSE Fellows program started (the equivalent of TED Fellows, but with explicit focus of solving pressing world issues)

2016 – First productive recursion completed (components can be produced locally anywhere)

2017 – Full meterial recursion demostrated (all materials become producible locally anywhere)

2018 – Ready self-replicability of resilient, post-scarcity communities demonstrated

2019 – First autonomous republic created, along the governance principles of Leashless

2020 – Ready replicability of autonomous republics demonstrated

I could talk for hours on any of the above points, so I will delay the pleasure of doing so – until we achieve post-scarcity ourselves.



  1. Edward

    While you are applying there, might as well shoot one off to these guys too:

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  3. Rasmus

    this was hardly enough time to prepare an application. I think your true fans can reasonably expect fundraising efforts. We therefore need a timeline for various applications as well as a fundraising team. You shouldn’t have to do any of this work.

    BFI is on our radar screen. This would give OSE some good contacts and visibility. All it takes is a few people to put together an application.

  4. Marcin

    Yes, the nomination came quite late in the game. Yes, I will reach out to the True Fans for a more organized effort of resource development. While we encourage someone to head this effort, I’ll be able to spend more time on it after CEB product release. CEB Prototype II evaluation is forthcoming.

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