TED Fellows Talk

My TED Fellows talk is officially online at TED:

You can see our presence on the front page of today:

Chris Anderson, TED Curator, has even sent me a personal email regarding the talk:

Your project is amazing. Thrilling, actually…It’s people like you who really give me hope for the future.

The feedback so far indicates that the open source economy is an idea worth spreading. I started a discussion on the talk at the TED site – everyone can contribute there.

You can see more pictures of the TED Fellows talks here.

And last – check out the official debut of our new website. is officially up. Look at the Join page and spread the word on how contributors can get involved.


  1. Wrobel

    In my opinion there are two troubles with Your website. The first one is that entire website is too big. Maybe it is just something another from what I got used, I don’t know, but you asked for feedback, so I give it 😛
    The second one is that it is as slow as a snail, or even more, but I suspect that it is something similar to DDoS attack. You just released new website and Open Source Technology fans from whole world open it at the same moment or it is the problem with my internet connection.
    Anyway, greetings from Poland and thanks for Your work.
    Trzymaj si?,

  2. Kevin Atkinson

    Congratulations!!! It’s such a thrill to see Marcin and OSE in the limelight!

    I’ll be sending this link to all my mates at work. I think there might be some bored, overworked technologists who would really dig on this.

  3. Christian Shearer

    Thanks Marcin, I hope more people out there will support you by becoming a “True Fan.” This means contributing $10 a month for two years. For me, when I went to your farm in Missouri and spent a day making Compressed Earth blocks, it was clear to me that $10 a month was the minimum I could do.

    I mention your project in every Permaculture Design Course that I teach, as one of the most interesting permaculture projects that I know!

    I look forward to seeing your tractors and CEB machines, and pulverizers popping up on farms near me.

    Keep up the good work.
    Christian Shearer

  4. LucasG

    Well done, team! Great video.

    I’ve joined’s site to look into translation, but I think there needs to be a transcription first.

  5. LucasG

    Transcription and translations will come.

    For the time being, people with friends all over the world can watch and share the 2-minute video that’s subtitled in 14 languages:

    This is already a world-wide effort, with world-wide collaboration.

    10,000 True Fans is entirely doable: 10 dollars a month for 24 months is small cash to help the show moving forward.

    As it has been moving forward for the past few years, only much faster!

  6. fullmetalashaman


    I just saw your ted presentation. I was amazed and hopeful for the future. 😀

    Please keep up the good work.

  7. Karl

    It’s nice to see a fresh look to the site, but Wrobel is right, the fonts are too big. The fixed width of around 1200 pixels is a pain in the ass to view. Some laptops don’t have screens that wide and I personally keep my browser horizontally slim to view multiple windows. I’d recommend something like which has a fixed width of just over 800 pixels.

  8. Etienne

    Hi Marcin !

    I’m glad it worked smooth at the TED Conference.
    I’ve not been busy on the French translation for about a month and a half, because the mood was dooooooooooown after the Fukushima crisis begun. But this video really motivates me to continue my job 😀

    See you !

  9. Bruce Berryhill

    Unfortunately TED recently changed their videos to a format that won’t play on my Droid Eris. If this concept is going to work in the third world the web interface has to work with 240 pixel wide screens. In the CSS use max-width: instead of width: for columns. That seems to work well on mobile devices.

  10. Joseph Zarr


    Congrats on the recognition and getting the message to a wider audience! Much like Christian, I can avow the same: After I visited Factor E during the beginning stages of its developments, I couldn’t imagine not giving $10/month. Subscribe!

    Blessing and wellwishes on your continuing journey…I have no doubt you will see this project manifest to its full capacity.

    See you in the future pasture.