Springtime 2010

A week ago, the first signs of food plants appeared as winter passes away.

The pictures show: (1), lettuce from last year self-seeding; (2), garlic; (3), stinging nettles – a great salad green when steamed, or eat fresh after rolling to rid of stingers; (4), yellow currant; (5), raspberry; and (6), onion.

The 2 beehives totally died out, so I harvested about 80 pounds of honey.

Springime is windy here. Last Friday, it was one of those rare days when the rain fell horizontally, as opposed to vertically. That is a sign of serious wind, and here’s the result:

The greenhouse roof got ripped off – 4 sections of polycarbonate double-wall glazing. There’s some repair work to be done to stabilize the situation.


  1. Katie

    You mentioned spring time plants. Thistle and common plantain are springing up and good eating too. Oh yes you must strip all the thistles off the stems and leaves they will poke your insides (Not a good thing) then eat raw or blanched. Common Plantain leaves just blanch and eat like spinach.

    1. Marcin

      I’ve got this fat thistle sprouting by the greenhouse, I have to try it!