Solar Turbine, Cast of Characters, and CEB Press

Stuart, Elliot, and I are here on the Solar Turbine:

For the next two weeks we will iron out the details – right now it looks like a set of 40 foot long, 2-foot wide slats – 4 of these in total – with 48x solar concentration. Cost is about $750 for this phase, including collector.

Regarding the CEB press, you’ve seen the open source tractor. That is on hold until September 3, when the Solar Turbine project Phase 1 Prototype ends. We’re way behind schedule on CEB. We need help. Unless there are others who can help, by physically coming here, camping out, and turning wrenches – it is slow progress.

This calls for a direct invitation in the true nature of open source collaboration – so if you know of anyone who can help, let us know. Requirements of candidates are:

  • Strong vision for a better world
  • Can turn a wrench
  • Have spare time to commit
  • Be able to cooperate

Come and visit, be part of nothing short of creating history. The CEB, tractor, and solar turbine are all serious products – in my opinion the 3 most important products in the Global Village Construction Set. We will take these proven concepts to full practical viability and production – as they have transformative potential.

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