Solar Shower In!

Tired of marginal facilities that require power to operate?

Jeremy and I stretched ~100′ of 2/3″ black hose on the roof of the CEB workshop. Pretend it’s your roof. Then we had one cold water ‘in’ which we split to ‘cold out’ and ‘solar collector in’. We then attached this to a standard shower T manifold and BINGO! In one afternoon we had hot and cold running shower (when the sun is shining). Easy to get clean!


  1. Alexis Kelley

    I truly enjoyed this article, I’m really looking forward to reading more from you!!

  2. Inga

    I told Marcin at the Subversive Fair in Linz, Austria: I’m not coming to the farm till there is a shower! THANKS Ben & Jerry!

    I already picked the flights from Vienna to Kansas City (July 23rd), just need to scrape some money together.

    Keep the shower going!

    Inga – The Village Elder