Secrets are no fun.

Biodiesel has returned to the back burner at Factor E Farm. The potential collaborator has not yet responded. Apparently, he does not understand that biodiesel is one of numerous pursuits and without a little lubercation (ie. cash), we cannot simply drop everything for biodiesel.

But for a few days, we did fan the flame on biodiesel research and found the following:

Its very appealing: 46 cents and 5 minutes to make a fuel for diesel engines out of vegetable oil.

The popular, well-documented and researched options are
1. Straight (or Waste) Vegetable oil, which requires modification of the vehicle (a second tank, a second filter, and heated lines) and may “gum” up vital parts of the vehicle (injector pump and fuel lines).
2. BioDiesel, which requires slight if any modification of the vehicle (fuel lines and gaskets may need to be replaced), but one must make the fuel (mixing hazardous chemicals, such as lye and methanol) with a somewhat expensive machine (or make your own) for an investment of your time.

So, the mix and go system proposed by Diesel Secret Energy is quite appealing. But does it work? Although they do offer “testimonials” on their website, they do not send out references. Hmmmm. I was going to ask if anyone knew anything about them, but instead, I did my own research and that conversation has already taken place. Many times. Here’s some of what I found.

*This discussion thread explains it best:
*For more a list of discussion links:

The key pieces:
*This is not proven technology. Data is not available for its effectiveness as a fuel, safety handling, or environmental effects. People have posted about injection pump failures, which they attribute to Diesel Secret.
*The “secret” ingredient is dimethylbenzene (xylol).
*The secret ingredient costs 13 dollars plus 10 dollars shipping for a 12 oz bottle. Although I did not research other sources of xyolol,my guess is that $23 is a rip-off.
*The secret ingredient is mixed with Waste Vegetable Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene and Cetane Boost additive.
*There are no easy answers

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