Report from Cleveland

We are currently reorganizing the work of Open Source Ecology to rapid parallel development of the remaining 50 technologies of the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS). Our goal is to have the entire set ready for replication within 2 years, and we think we can do that with a $2.4M budget over that time. The  next stop in this adventure took me to Cleveland, to a presentation on the GVCS and further networking opportunities, organized by Glenn Gall, one of our True Fans.

Cleveland, Ohio, is an interesting place. Home of robber barrons of yesteryear, today Cleveland features 35% unemployment, and steel mills that are still in operation. I’m thinking immediately – what if a value-added steel mill were re-invented – where steel production is followed by flexible fabrication of tractors, cars, and renewable energy systems, and countless other items of high economic significance? That’s one possible application for the GVCS tools for reinventing local production.

North-East Ohio has a strong mixture of on-the-ground localization initiatiatives, among these being a permaculture movement for local food systems, and David Orr’s worldchanging work in Oberlin and Oberlin College. Yesterday’s speaking event was great, and highlights include: (1), possible marketing assistance for the compressed earth brick press via the Natural Building Network; (2) recruiting of further prototyping assistance for the 50 GVCS technologies; (3), recruiting of potential community members for PostscarCity (could that be the name of the first functional modern village to be built after 2 years, at Factor e Farm or elsewhere, enabled by the GVCS? It appears likely that committed individuals that we meet in the process of developing the GVCS will likely be the future inhabitants of experimental PostscarCity.)

The Cleveland event was well-received as a practical proposal for transformation. 3 people committed to sign up as True Fans so far, and today we have a networking session with collaborators, and the Oberlin College presentation.


  1. Gary Whipple

    Thanks for coming to Cleveleand to present your vision. This is needed in so many places. Here and around the world. I just read an editorial in our Akron paper about some small successes in Haiti.
    Just one place that needs so much. Small scale, local means of production and living.
    Good luck and keep up the good work. Keep dreaming, we need all the dreamers we can get.

  2. Steven Goldstein


    I am a member of First Unitarian Church in Cleveland and attended your presentation. I think what you are doing is great. It’s amazing how a community can transform when technology is shared. Best of luck this year.


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