Professional Fabrication Drawings for the CEB Press

We need epic help on producing professional fabrication drawings for the OSE Christmas Gift to the World – full documentation of the first 4 tools of the Global Village Construction Set – the tools of construction.
If you have any time in the next week to work on this, email me at opensourceecology at gmail dot com or just start doing this by downloading the full CAD file in STEP format from the OSE file repository at Open Pario. For questions on standards, please contact Mike Apostol.
We will have full fabrication procedures documented and CAD available, and we want to release the full professional drawings by the 24th of this month. I am also open to references to others who can do this. We can spend money on this, this is important to facilitate replication.

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  1. Phil

    How’s it coming on the Liberator drawings? Do you still need help? What CADD program do you use? I have some pretty basic skills in microstation.